Laser Tag Leagues

A New Kind of Team Sport: Action Laser Tag!

Action Laser Tag is a uniquely challenging sport that is simple enough for anyone to play, yet versatile enough to keep seasoned players on their toes.  Come exercise your brain and your body!
Players belong to teams that compete against each other to complete missions. The missions range in difficulty and complexity, from simple missions (such as Team Elimination, where the only objective is to defeat all players on the opposing team) to more complex missions such as Domination, VIP, and many more. 
During league play, we'll compete in a variety of different missions.

Winter 2022 Action Laser Tag Details

Action Laser Tag will run for eight sessions in the Winter 2022 Season.
Full details on dates and times can be found in the league listing below.
Rosters & Schedules will be available to registered players at least three (3) days prior to your first session. 

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